Consulting Services

Service #1

From our first consulting opportunity that developed into a strong positive move for our client, we developed a strong realization that being #1 in market is a wonderful place to be!   Nothing better than taking a poorly performing network and taking it into a VERY strong position.  We also oversaw creation of a Sports Network  in a European market!   What a challenge!

Service #2

Management experience is vital for any consultant in the news & talk community.  From department head to ownership and top management we bring life experience to the game!  Yes, we've been on air in 1st place morning ratings and network situations as well.   Oh, and developing News/Talk means we really do know the format whether on radio or TV.  

Service #3

Sales is the life blood of any radio, TV local or network operation - we'll be happy to chat about success stories and methods that actually work!   We've also voiced Network News and designed formats that hold audience!  Oh, and did we mention voicing station and network station/network imaging!